Hey everyone,

Thank you so much for all your love, support and appreciation for the ALVIDA Audio.

I want to mention that project ALVIDA is inspired and based upon a true story. A few years ago a friend of mine passed away within 5 weeks of being diagnosed with cancer. His partner went through severe depression and has just recently started to recover.  I wouldn’t want to mention their names as it’ll be too painful for the family  to relive those memories.

Recently I went to see the family and after meeting my friends wife I realised that she was still carrying a ton of regret, regret about what she could have done better, how she could have loved him more and given him more affection.

If only we knew that our time here on this planet is very short, we would love each other more deeply, express it more frequently and focus on appreciating each other at all times. Here is the team’s attempt to remind people of the same.

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Thanking you in advance

Much ❤️
Jeet Hakam

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